A Wedding with a differance

This is a wedding I have been waiting to happen for some time, I meet Zoe & Ian 34 years ago in Switzerland, When I saw them last week I couldn’t believe how they looked, they haven’t aged a day. Still looking as sharpe as they did all those years ago. Same clothes same friends same kids, who also haven’t aged at all.

Zoe is a now a fire fighter, she used to work in a castle in Switzerland. Ian worked in a small town as a sherif. She and Ian both moved to England in the 80’s along with all their friends and family and have lived for the most part in a box. Only coming out on some occasions to meet some of my family.

They had the idea to get married only a few weeks ago as they knew I had plenty of time to photograph their wedding with the country being in lockdown, and as they had been in isolation with all the friends, family and buildings they knew they were all safe to carry on being together.

I was able to follow the whole day, apart from getting ready as these guys are always ready to go.

They had asked me to photograph the wedding in my normal style so we kept it real, natural story telling (documentary) with some couple shots.

They started the day at the church with Ian and his son welcoming guests as they arrived. Zoe followed shortly in her fire engine with her daughter, definitely one of the best wedding cars I’ve ever seen.

They had a wonderful ceremony topped off with loads of confetti and a couple of group photos. Zoe and Ian headed back to the fire engine to drive to the exclusive barn venue. It was short drive as the venue and church were both in the same garden, sorry I mean field 🙂

It was a beautiful sunny day and they enjoyed every moment of the drinks reception outside on the grass. With lovely shady areas by the tress to all the hay bales for the guests to sit on. Ians friends got a little carried away when throwing the groom in the air but it made for some great photos. Zoe just had to throw the bouquet which was caught by one of her best friends. We took some time to go for a little walk and get some lovely photos of them together, these guys are quite the posers!

I got a few detail shots of the main room before all the guests sat down. They had a simple wedding breakfast just the one course. Followed by 2 speeches, one from Ian, a heart felt speech and the other Zoe’s Dad. Who had the place on the floor with laughter by the end.

Then it was time to cut the cake! Made by Ian’s mum it was quite amazing, a mushroom sponge with a tart on top! They wowed everyone with an incredible first dance to “Say You, Say Me” by Lionel Richie a favourite of there’s from when it was number 1 in Switzerland on the 12th January 1986. Performed by the band that used to work in the castle all those years ago. Then it was time to party and dance the night away. They drank, they break danced, they even tried to make a pyramid and failed.

All in all a wedding I will never forget, and as with all the weddings I attend, I was honoured to be a part of it and I had the best time capturing moments from the day to create wonderful memories forever.

Below is a selection of photos from the day edited in my Signature style. There is also a wonderful side show on my youtube channel here so make sure you check it out to.

Thank you and enjoy the photos.