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Hi, photography, my 3 girls, family, running and music are what my life is all about, Ibiza is my spiritual home. I would love to spend more time travelling too if I could fit it in.

I have loved photography from a young age. I still have my first film SLR which was my grandad's camera, and it still works today! I used to take it with me every time we went out somewhere. I remember the excitement of waiting to get your photos back from being developed to see what you got. Unlike today when we can see our images instantly. I spent a long time in print & design but still had a camera at my side. During this time it gave me a better understanding of how to use photos and look for different compositions to grab people's attention and invoke a memory or emotion.

One day back in 2008, I took a leap of faith and started my own photography business. I have never looked back. In early 2014 I opened my first photography studio. It was a great time but I quickly outgrew it, and needed to move on. In 2016 I opened my new studio right in the heart of Coulsdon, Surrey. At the end of 2019, I closed the studio to put all my efforts back into weddings, it's where I started and what I love most.

I qualified on the 8th of October 2017 as an LMPA Master Photographer. I am an active member with the Master Photographer Association. Being a member keeps me engaged with photography and pushes me to be a better photographer. Most of all it's a huge resource of knowledge. Photography is a profession you never stop learning as every day is different and no two people are the same. I've also won several photography awards, you can check them out here.

I love people, their emotions and telling their story through photos. I believe in finding and using natural light as much as possible this is what photography is all about to me.

Capturing this and telling your amazing story, in a beautiful set of natural photographs is my only goal.

Let's start your story...